Meet Todd

I am the owner of Todd Wilson Images and have been a full time wedding and portrait photographer since 2012. I love what I do! What's better than making a living documenting a couple's most important day! I am able to make images that will become family heirlooms and live on forever.

We photograph most of our weddings around Boston, Cape Cod, Newport and the rest of New England. We love to travel as well and have shot weddings as far off as Bermuda and Punta Cana.

I would be honored to be invited to creatively capture your day!

Meet Sarah

Hi! I’m Sarah. I take pictures of people and love every minute of it! I live in Massachusetts with my husband John, our feisty daughter June, and our mellow little dude Clark. We recently returned to MA (I'm a native!) after spending the first part of our life together outside of Philadelphia. While I was in Philadelphia, I ran my own successful photography studio for 8 years. I'm so thrilled by the path that our life has taken and am excited to join Todd Wilson's team as an associate photographer.Weddings have been a huge part of my life since 2003. In fact, that's how I met my husband! He was the best man in his brother's wedding in 2005 and I was one of the photographers. Our love connection began that night and brought me from Brooklyn to Manayunk and the rest is history! So, you never know where love is going to pop up! I'm thankful that my heart was open when I met him and I will never forget the warm fuzzies I felt on the way home from that wedding.

I love to laugh and am a hopeless romantic, which makes my job awesome. My kids are extremely helpful in the laughter department and they remind me to take life slowly and not too seriously. 10 years into this gig, I am still humbled every time that a couple asks me to be a part of their wedding day to capture the love they share. It's a wonderful gift to be able to do what I love and I am extremely grateful for it.

Meet Chris

First and foremost I am a father of two beautiful 3 year old twins and a loving husband to my beautiful wife. They are my inspriation to capture raw images of life as we experience it, which is how I aim to capture my clients.

Secondly I am a wedding photographer with the best job in the world. I consider myself very lucky to be able to spend my weekends with amazing couples during the happiest moments in their life. I am invited into their familes as one of their own and entrusted to capture one of the most special days in their lives.

I have the best clients and am happy to be able to now call a lot of them friends. If we work together I take pride in the fact that I am not just there to shoot some pictures, I am there to be a part of your day and document all the nitty gritty details.

Meet Jackie

Growing up as a photography teacher's daughter, I was never far away from the camera. I would spend my free time in the spare bedroom that was converted into a darkrooom and wait with anticipation as my images would slowly come to life in the darkness. I knew without a doubt, this is what I was meant to do.

Since those days, I've worked as a staff photographer at newspapers , including The Augusta Chronicle in Augusta, GA and Seacoast Media Group in Portsmouth, NH where I was named New Hampshire Press Photographer of the Year . With over fifteen years of documentary photography experience, I now approach wedding photography the same way.

Photography gives me a window to the past. A nostalgic person by nature, it presents me with something tangible to hold onto, easing my fear that the moment will be lost. As life moves forward and details become hazy, a photograph has the power to bring me back, igniting all of the senses as if no time has passed at all. 

To me, this is life- a collection of millions and millions of images, all woven together to create a story. I would be honored to have the opportunity to document one of the most momentous parts of “your story”. 


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