Block Island Wedding at The Sullivan House

Just about one year ago, I talked to Nikki and Steve for the first time as they excitedly told me about their vision for their Block Island wedding.  They had just gotten engaged, and Block Island has been a special place in their relationship from the beginning…so it made sense that they would choose it as the destination for their wedding.  They were staying at the Sullivan House that vacation, and when Steve popped the question to Nikki, they popped the question to the Sullivan House and the planning began!

Diana and I fastened our seatbelts, took the car to the ferry, and were off for a day of adventure with these two and their closest family and friends.  The two of them went to the same high school (though they didn’t date until later in life) and had many of the same friends…which made for a rocking party full of laughter and familiar faces all around.  The island was gorgeous, and the perfect setting for their wedding day.  Nikki’s sister performed a most excellent wedding ceremony, and Legit Band rocked the tent.

Congratulations on a beautiful wedding, you guys!