Jill and Andy’s Wedding at The Liberty Hotel -Boston

I knew Jillian and Andy’s wedding was going to be fabulous.  They were so thoughtful, and relaxed, and willing to trust us to do our thing…plus it was at the fantastic Liberty Hotel in downtown Boston.  When Saturday finally arrived, the sun was shining and the temperature was up as I pulled up in front of the hotel and we were ready to go.

After Jill slipped into her STUNNING gown, we ventured outside for her first look with Andy.  As we wandered around shooting, the winds started to pick up…these two soldiered on, not worried in the least.  By the time we wrapped up family photos and got ready for their courtyard ceremony, the winds were WHIPPING.  Candles were blowing over.  The slats on top of the pergola were flying.  Hairdos were going wild.  Jill and Andy just laughed.

The laughed, and they kept laughing.  So many smiles, so much fun.  Thanks for sharing it with me.