Peaks Island Maine Wedding

My story with Michala and John starts a while back. On first night in 2011 I was on a semi field trip with a camera club I belonged to at the time. I was walking around the frog pond in Boston trying to find something interesting to shoot on a roll of black and white film. I ended up shooting a couple on a bench kissing. After the shot, probably seeming a touch creepyguy’ish, I walked up, told them I just took their photo and they could have it if they wanted to email me. Well, they actually did. Since then we have been facebook friends and then come this year they actually reached out to see if I would photograph their wedding. It’s not often I get a real good story like this so I had to write about it.

Michala and John were married on Peaks Island, Maine at St. Christophers and followed with their wedding reception at The Inn on Peaks Island. We also got to shoot on the ferry dock and hop in golf carts and cruise around the island for some other awesome locations.

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