Portland Ocean Gateway Wedding -Maine

Kate had a plan for her day…a plan that would normally have me biting my nails, plugging through and hoping for no hiccups so that we could get it all done.  Something about Kate kept me from worrying – perhaps it was her cool confidence that we could handle it all, perhaps it was her cheerful attitude that it was all going to be great – whatever it was, I was convinced and not surprised at all as we sailed through like clockwork.

She and J.P. decided to have a First Look before their ceremony.  We met J.P. out at the Eastern Promenade, a beautiful and quiet spot down by the water.  As we pulled in to park, the fog started to roll in from the ocean, creating a dreamy backdrop for some gorgeous portraits.  Their dog Dolly joined us for a bit, and then we were back in the car and off to the ceremony at Saint Peter’s Parish.

Their reception took place at the Portland Ocean Gateway, right out on the water, overlooking the city on one end and the marina at the other.  Lobsters were served and their amazing DJ had the dance floor packed like a club with glowsticks and phat beats flying.  We snuck away for some quiet portrait time as the sun went away, and just by chance got an amazing fireworks display from a boat that parked itself right outside of their venue!  They capped the night with a bubble exit…and phew, that was it!  See?  Totally action-packed, and completely flawless.