Lindsey & Chrissy

Using Todd Wilson for our wedding day photography was by far the best decision we made in the wedding planning process (besides, of course, marrying each other!) Simply put, Todd is AMAZING. We were very adamant about finding a photography that does not just produce great work, but is also easy to be around and would be fun the day of the wedding. THIS IS TODD! I don't need to tell you how good he is - his work speaks for itself - but I can say that having him there made our wedding day even more fun. From the very beginning, Todd was funny, easy to talk to, and extremely accommodating. I'd ask him what time or where we should be and he'd respond "it's your day!" - yet he still took control and in turn, the day went off without a hitch. We knew he would be awesome when he was shooting our engagement photos and was on board with us drinking a bottle of champagne on the pier in Boston, and taking awesome photos of us doing it. Todd will WORK the day of the wedding... he was totally in his element organizing photos that we couldn't have even imagined would come out as beautiful/creative as they did. He seriously did not stop and it was very impressive, yet so worth it because both sets of photos (engagement and wedding day) were absolutely perfect. In addition, they were delivered to us SO quickly -our friends could not believe we already had a blog post and pictures back so soon after the wedding day! We were sooo excited to look at them on our honeymoon and they truly made the day come alive for us. Todd's second shooter, Chris, also was a rock star. It meant a lot to us that Todd cared enough to bring along a second shooter that paid as much attention to detail as he does. I could go on forever, but, simply put, we are obsessed with Todd and his work and are so very thankful we were able to work with him. Ok, stop reading!! Go book him!! Thank you, Todd, for being so awesome - see ya for some newborn pics in (more than) a few years ;)

Kelly & Chris

When I got engaged I immediately started searching the internet for a photographer for my engagement session/wedding. I knew I wanted amazing pictures. I also knew that I did NOT want your standard, cheesy engagement and wedding photos! Sorry, but to me they all look the same. After looking at a zillion photographer websites in the greater Boston area, I stumbled across Todd Wilson’s site. I knew right away that this guy was the one! I had to have him for my engagement and wedding no matter what! My husband and I decided to have our wedding in Bermuda and Todd agreed to make the journey with us! We did our engagement session the day before our wedding on the island and the pictures are incredible! I can’t even begin to describe how amazing our engagement and wedding pictures are. They are truly a work of art. Todd made us feel totally comfortable and he kept us laughing the entire time. He has such an incredible talent and I am in total awe of his abilities. Two of my bridesmaids have already booked Todd for their upcoming weddings. He was such a joy to work with. We will forever cherish the memories that Todd captured and are so thankful we found him!

Liz & Nick

I can't even put into words how amazing Todd was to work with. His skill level and ability to "capture the moment" is truly EXTRAORDINARY. I have had people that I do not know come up to me and tell me how amazing our wedding photos were. Throughout my entire wedding process (and still today), Todd was incredibly quick to respond to any of my 1 millions emails and messages, and by far the easiest, most enjoyable vendor to work with. He makes you feel like you are his only client, which is so important as a bride. Every person in my wedding party and any guests that spoke to Todd had nothing but wonderful things to say about him. AND- to top it off, we received our wedding and rehearsal dinner photos in under a week! Thank god my best friend has booked him for her wedding next summer because I cannot wait to work with him again, and cannot imagine working with anyone else!!! THANK YOU TODD!!!

Deidre & Deb

Todd is OUTSTANDING. Just take the time to browse through his website and you will see how ridiculous his photos come out with NO photoshop involved. He was the photographer for our House of Blues wedding in November and I still have people that didn't even go to the wedding commenting to me how beautiful & unique our photos are. It rained on our wedding day and Todd made us happy it did with the way the photos came out. Not only is he comfortable & fun to work with but he was also able to get two brides out in the middle of the street during the rain to get the photo of the night (and talked the Boston PD into blocking traffic for us to make it happen). If you want beautiful, fun, non-traditional photos Todd is your man. My wife and I HIGHLY recommend him & if you use him ask to have Corey as his second!!

Becky & Brian

Throughout the wedding planning process, you look at tons of photographers websites, all of whose pictures you could put into a pool and never be able to distinguish what photographer took what photo….except Todd’s. Todd is a great, down to earth, fun guy, who has a passion for his work, and his clients. His photography speaks for itself. He has an extremely unique way of looking thru a lens that his work just makes you say “Wow!” Todd takes the time to look at lighting, scenery, positions, and calculates every shot, instead of just lining you up in a straight line like many other photographers. Leading up to our wedding, we would follow his blogs of other weddings he was shooting and we would always say to each other how we couldn’t wait for him to shoot ours! The results were AMAZING!!! Our pictures are absolutely stunning, and we couldn’t be more excited! Todd is also extremely fast with turn around (we were still on our honeymoon when he sent us all of our edited shots!) If you are looking for pictures that will not just blend in with another wedding photo, then Todd is your guy!!!

Jen & Paul

Simply put Todd is AMAZINGGGG!!! He was recommended to us by our venue and as soon as I saw his work I couldn't lock him down fast enough. I think my first question to him was where do I sign?!?! His work is incredible and it truly speaks for itself. He is a blast to have around on your big day too! He had my bridal party laughing like crazy and everyone felt so comfortable (Tapey and Sassy say hi). Very quick and efficient with bridal party and family pictures so we had plenty of time to shoot our personal pictures. He was so creative on where to take pictures and really utilized all of my location. We had one idea in mind of a picture we wanted and he absolutely nailed it beyond anything we could have imagined! Anytime he asked if we wanted to go out and take more, we were game. We couldn't wait to see what he had for us next. He really did capture every moment. His turn around was speedy too. Everyone was blown away with how quickly after the wedding we had our photos. I seriously have wedding pictures that my friends are jealous of and wish they had! We are obsessed with Todd and his work and recommend him to everyone. Thank you thank you thank you!!!

Christina & Matt

Where is the option for 10 stars?! Todd Wilson is, by far, the best decision we made for our wedding. My husband and I met Todd at my best friends wedding last summer and after chatting with him and seeing his work, he was the first person we contacted after we got engaged. In fact, we picked our wedding date based on HIS availability! His work speaks for itself as every single one of his pictures is like a piece of art. What you can't see from his pictures though is WHO Todd is. He is simply the coolest guy ever and makes what can be a long, awkward process a super fun experience. He is hilarious and so much fun to be around (in fact, when are we grabbing a drink Todd?!) and is just the BEST photographer ever. His second shooter, Sarah, was so awesome and funny as well. The two of them together are the perfect combination of people you want to work with on your wedding day! They don't miss a beat and were seriously working to get the best photos ever throughout the whole night. We also decided to add a photo booth last minute through Todd which was a huge hit. Honestly, just consider your photographer search done now. If you don't hire Todd, you are truly missing out. THANK YOU TODD, we love you!!!!!!!

Liisa & Ryan

Yeah you need to book Todd. Like RIGHT NOW. His photos are mini works of art that you'll actually want to hang up.. all over your house. He's super creative, extremely talented, has a unique, somewhat edgy style (the perfect amount) and takes AMAZING photos that truly capture the moment. We wanted to enjoy our wedding last weekend and socialize during our cocktail hour and he made it his priority to make that happen while STILL taking a ton of amazing shots. He had us all laughing and relaxed and made it so painless, quick and fun. Todd has a way of being super laid back and cool while also being extremely professional, reliable and efficient that is just exactly what you need on your wedding day. Oh, and the photos were done and ready to be downloaded 4 DAYS AFTER THE WEDDING. And they're just beyond awesome. Go on, look at his website, you'll see for yourself! Thank you Todd!!!

Michala & John

Todd was nothing short of spectacular! We had an incredible experience with him! We actually met him in Boston Common about six years ago when he took a picture of us in the park, which was amazing! We got connected with him on social media and admired his work over the years. When we were planning for our wedding, we knew he would be great! He is awesome to work with. He provides clear direction that makes for incredible shots. And his style is superb! He captured every moment of our day in the most perfect way. He was always in the right place at the right time. We had a hail storm on the day of our wedding, and after it passed he took us out to capture some photos in the post storm light and they turned out AMAZING. He captures incredible shots no matter the weather. On top of that, his turnaround time was superb. We had our pictures back within two weeks and I loved every single one. Book Todd Wilson as your photographer and it will be the best decision you made!!!

Sara & Sean

Absolutely loved working with Todd Wilson Images; I can't imagine finding a better photography vendor. Sarah shot our engagement and wedding pictures. Todd and Sarah were both great and easy to work with. We got exactly what we wanted (and so much more!). If I could, I would give Todd Wilson Images 10.0 out of 5.0 stars for quality of service: they were very responsive, made sure we got everything we wanted, got BEAUTIFUL pictures, and received our pictures within weeks of each event (so quick!). I highly recommend Todd Wilson Images for engagement/wedding pictures. Sarah did an amazing job capturing our special day. I've gotten endless positive remarks on how beautiful my wedding pictures look! Now... I can't stop looking at my wedding pictures!

Stephanie & Konstantin

We couldn't imagine having a better photographer than Todd at our wedding. We selected him based on his portfolio on his website and he's so much more. Aside from taking amazing photographs, he makes it easy and fun to be in front of the camera. His personality is exactly what every wedding needs. The turnaround time was very quick (under two weeks) and the results were simply amazing. We would (and will) recommend Todd to anyone who's looking for a photographer.

Valerie & Josh

Immediately upon meeting Todd before our wedding, my husband and I knew he was the perfect photographer for our wedding. Todd has a very relaxed but fun personality. We were more than happy to have him be apart of our wedding day. We received our pictures while we were on our honeymoon (so we are talking within a week of our wedding). I know couples who have to wait months for their pictures. Todd really knew how to capture each moment beautifully. I couldn't have asked for more amazing photos that I will cherish forever. After watching footage from our videographer, this is when we truly realized how talented Todd is. We saw events happening at a rapid fire pace, yet Todd was able to capture these moments as if time stood still. I highly recommend him and would use him again for future photography needs.

Megann & Nick

Todd is a master of his craft, and we couldn't be happier with the whole experience. Not just the end result (thousands of pictures!!) but his attitude and involvement throughout the whole process, from the engagement shoot, the family photos and the action shots of the celebration. He's fun to work with, always has you on your toes and is constantly adapting to his surrounding to get the most creative and interesting shots. We opted for the second photographer which we are so happy we did, it was great to have the same moment captured from a second angle. And the photo wall! It was an absolute hit, and everyone participated which left us with a cool photo album at the end of the night. All in all, my wife an I are ecstatic we used Todd and will be highly recommending him to everyone we know.

Rachel & John

Todd is amazing! I loved how artistic his photos were on his website and after meeting with him he was absolutely the clear choice. I chose a package with 2 photographers and the way this is done is through their network of other photographers from all over. Our 2nd shooter was Kory from Baltimore and she was equally as amazing! The two of them together put us completely at ease on our wedding day and took the most AMAZING photos. The best part was that it only took him a week to finish editing the pictures and the thumb drive was already in our mailbox when we got back from our honeymoon. I don't even have enough words to write how ecstatic I am about these pictures, they look like they belong in a magazine. I would absolutely recommend Todd to anyone and look forward to hopefully working with him again for any future photography needs!

Michele & Stephen

My husband and I hired Todd as our photographer for our September 12th wedding and we couldn't be happier with our choice! Todd and a second photographer were with us for 8 hours the day of our wedding and the moments they captured in the photos make me cry every time I look at them. The photos are AMAZING- I can't really describe them any other way than perfect. Todd was super easy to work with and his turnaround time was incredibly fast. He got his edited photos to me faster than I thought possible. When the wedding planning started I told my husband that the one thing I wanted was a superb photographer and I got what I wanted. I look at the pictures from our wedding everyday (seriously) and his work allows me to re-live our most amazing, perfect day over and over again!

Mari-Kate & Ben

So happy we went with Todd Wilson Images for our wedding!! Sarah shot our wedding, along with a second photographer, and they did a brilliant job capturing the joy of our wedding day. The candid shots from our welcome brunch, getting ready, and our reception were amazing! Both Todd and Sarah were super easy to work with. Todd is super efficient, too. He got our online gallery up within a week of the wedding! We were able to check out wedding photos during some downtime on our honeymoon. He just finished designing the layout of our album-- can't wait to see it! Definitely recommend for a wedding photographer!

Alikki & Spiro

We hired Todd Wilson to do our wedding photographs, which in our package, came with an engagement shoot. I cannot even express into words how incredibly pleased I am with his service, character, professionalism, talent, and overall experience. I have never felt more like a celebrity, and more like a model, and more beautiful in my life, than during his shoot, and even more so, after seeing the pictures. Mind you, I am incredibly difficult to deal with and work with! :) We did most of our photos at Logan airport, which we required an agreement in order to proceed with, along with a fee to be paid. Todd couldn't be more excited to accept this challenge, and to make all of our visions come true. I told Todd I am very self conscious about being photographed, and how I looked, and he completely changed my attitude only 5 mins into the shoot, by being so nice, knowledgeable, funny, and helped me relax completely. I have recommended Todd to everyone, and will continue to do so, mind you, he hasn't even done our wedding photos yet! I have no doubt, though, that they are going to be amazing, because everything that Todd Wilson does is, well, amazing. Look at his work and you will clearly see his incredible talent. Look no further if you need a photographer for any occasion. Meet with him, and you will see what an awesome person he is too. I had absolutely no hesitation giving him 5 stars, I wish I could give him 10.

Lauren & Pat

We loved the work Todd did on our friend's wedding. As soon as we got engaged, the first vendor we called up was Todd. If you want unique, creative and beautiful wedding photos look no further. 

Not only does Todd capture amazing images, he makes the day fun. Posing for pictures can be awkward, but Todd always has a joke or comment that will get you laughing and make every picture look natural, not forced.

We were going back and forth on adding a 2nd shooter, we ended up going for one and we're so glad we did. Maura was the 2nd for our wedding and she was amazing. Not only did having her there allow us to get more shots and different angles that we wouldn't have gotten otherwise, she's the best traffic cop in the business. Maura held up a full pre-concert crowd on Landsdowne street (outside of Fenway) to basically close off the street for some great photos.

Out of everything we did for our wedding, our photos is by far where we've gotten the most compliments. All of our photos look great and are very unique, not staged or forced looking. We couldn't be happier with the decision to use Todd Wilson Images.

Jaime & Ido

Choosing Todd Wilson for our photographer on our wedding day was hands down, the best decision we made in the planning process. Our photos are beyond incredible and after the wedding people were talking about them for months. They still are -- almost a year later! Not only is Todd incredibly talented, but he is extremely kind, professional, and an all around great guy. We have hired Todd for other photography services since the wedding. There are not enough words to describe how perfectly he captured our special day, our personalities, and our love. We felt immediately comfortable with him from the first time we met and would highly recommend him to anyone!! We now consider him not only our photographer, but a good friend.

Danielle & John

I honestly could not have asked for a better photographer! We traveled out of state for our wedding and Todd was so flexible and accommodating to our last minute craziness. More importantly, the photos are absolutely amazing!! I keep trying to think of new ways to use them! I also get compliments all the time and have recommended him to several friends! He had great ideas for photos and was always open to suggestions and ready and waiting for any photo ops. Todd is definitely the type of photographer you want on your wedding day. He is so easy going and fun to be around and just does such a great job!The photos we have will help us to remember every detail of our favorite day! Do yourself a favor and check out his website!

Courtney & Josh

My husband and I faced a very difficult situation when our original photographer unexpectedly passed away shortly before our wedding. After researching near and far we listened to the recommendation of two different couples who said Todd was great to work with. We reached out and quite frankly Todd saved the day. While he was unable to shoot the wedding he put his team together and they crushed it for us. Todd always stayed in communication putting my bridal nerves at easy. Maura and Jenn where absolutely AMAZING. They captured incredible moments all day long and with Todd's finishing touches we were beyond elated with how the photos came out. We can't even begin to express our sincere appreciation and gratitude for how Todd treated us and how great everything came out. We highly recommend Todd Wilson Images.

Megan & Kevin

The day after I was engaged I booked Todd. Crazy? Perhaps, but after meeting him at my best friend's wedding I knew he would be a perfect fit for me and my future husband. He has worked with countless people I know and continues to swoon us all. Todd traveled to Philadelphia for our wedding and chose another amazing photographer, Jonathan Pretz, who perfectly captured our day. His pictures are beautiful, his personality is phenomenal and he knows when to let you enjoy your day. I received my pictures so quickly and have already gotten so many compliments on how well our pictures match who we are as a couple. His work clearly speaks for itself and 5 stars just aren't enough!!!! I will forever be a Todd Wilson groupie

Danielle & Steve

Todd is awesome! 

A friend of mine referred me to him so I already knew he'd be amazing, hearing my friend talk about him and seeing his stunning photos. That is exactly what his photos are- just stunning. They all take your breath away and you can feel the emotions captured in the pictures.

Besides seeing his talent, Todd travelled to our home 30 minutes away just to meet us. He didn't make us come half way or come to him and insisted he'd come to us! How cool is that?! 

Todd was always so quick to answer any questions and texts and talking to him is like talking to a good friend.

The day of our wedding he was so easy going, patient and just fun! Todd went through any length to get a good shot (including practically crawling outside in the pitch black cold in the woods) just to capture the perfect shot. He is truly an artist and if you hire him not only will you get beautiful pictures but you'll get someone who truly cares about making your day a great time!

Jen & Tim

Where do I even start!? When my husband and I started wedding planning, we knew we wanted the feel of our wedding to be full of smiles, laughter, nature and most importantly- for it to not be like everyone else’s special day. We wanted it to truly reflect our lives. When I came across Todd’s website, I knew immediately that his work was different. Whether he was capturing the nature of a shot or focusing in on the people, I was in awe of how artful they were. How special and different each shot seemed. 

Less than a week after our wedding day, I received our full portfolio of images, beautifully edited. They are a true reflection of Todd’s talent, eye for creative shots & angles and ability to make everyone smile and feel at ease. It is now a month after my wedding day and I still am not able to narrow down my final images to several that I like because they are all just that amazing. Todd did an absolutely perfect job of capturing our special day and I have the images to cherish forever. Thank you so much Todd- you are simply wonderful!

Megan & Lauren

Thank you doesn't even begin to cover how grateful we are for you. We went through all the pictures late last night, crying and laughing as we relived every moment of the best day ever. Sarah, you captured everything so perfectly, all the love and the spirit of our celebration. There were so many beautiful surprises as we went through the images, and many times we just stopped and sucked in a big gulp of breath as we smiled in shock. Honestly, you are so incredibly talented. I just read your blog post this morning too, and was brought to tears again. We miss you too! We loved getting to know you and this experience was just beyond our wildest dreams wonderful.

Thank you both so much for everything. The photos are gorgeous, and you are such amazing people and professionals. We look forward to recommending you to everyone we know, and of course staying in touch!

All our love and gratitude,

Lauren + Megan

Carly & Dan

We had a fantastic experience with Sarah from Todd Wilson Images. Sarah really went above and beyond when capturing the essence of what we wanted out of our engagement shoot. We had to reschedule with Sarah twice due to work and rain and felt as though Sarah was extremely flexible. The day of our session was actually our 4 year dating anniversary and Sarah suggested Bancroft's Castle in Groton followed by a romantic dinner at the Gibbet Hill Grill. Todd and Sarah have both been friendly, professional, and courteous so far and we cannot wait for Sarah to photograph our wedding. I am positive our wedding pictures will be even more magical than the engagement ones.

Mary & Todd

Todd is a phenomenal photographer and a kind human being. His lighthearted personality and seemingly instinctive talent are what make his work so stunning. My fiancé (another Todd) and I felt like we were hanging out with a friend on the day we had our engagement photos taken. Having that kind of dynamic made us feel like we could be ourselves and act natural (mostly goofy), this shows in the resulting photos. I can’t wait to see what he comes up with on our wedding day. You bet there will be a follow-up photo of what I affectionately call “my 2 Todds”. If you want a creative, easy-going, and professional photographer for your wedding, hire Todd! It's also clear that he has an incredible team of photographers that work with him. I would be confident in the photos that anyone from his team would shoot.