Your Wedding!!

-working together for an amazing wedding experience-

I want to give an overview of how we work and what you can expect. Hopefully it is helpful in your wedding planning and also showcases how working with Todd Wilson Images is awesome :)

Your initial inquiry to us-

We are an open book here. During your initial inquiry we welcome any questions you have. Everything will be answered openly and honestly. If you need help with timing, how certain things normally work during a wedding, our process, our photographers, anything at all- nothing is off limits or hidden.

Some couples like to meet in person before booking. That can be done either in our home in Bridgewater, or done via Zoom or FaceTime.

Booking requires a contract, which is done online, and a deposit of 1/3 of your package. Another 1/3 is due 6 months prior to your wedding and the remaining 1/3 is due 30 days before your wedding.

Most couples book us between 6 and 18 months before the wedding. 

You have booked us! Now what?

If you have included an engagement session, we will ask you to start thinking about it. An engagement session should be at a location that is hopefully meaningful to you. If you are stumped on a place, we can do something you do together. Maybe it’s cooking, or bowling, or skiing. The more it’s ‘you’ the better. The engagement session is all about fun. By no means is it stuffy. Rest easy, we will walk you through the whole shoot and guide you into exactly how to do it. It really is a bowl full of fun. Almost all engagement sessions are done on weekdays.

Whether you have an engagement session or not, any time along the wedding planning process we are here for help or questions. Please do not be shy.

About a month before your wedding we will send you a wedding details form online. Once you complete it we will follow up with a phone call to go over everything. We will figure out our start and finish times, when and where bridal and family portraits fall in your day, if you are having a first look, etc.

Are you thinking of adding video?

We do video a little different than most. We shoot a 3-4 minute highlight film right alongside photography. It's set to music and very bride and groom centric. No extra video team with tripods, no "can you do that again?" nonsense. Just an amazing film that will make you tear up and relive the day over again.

Your wedding day!

We are mostly hands off at your wedding. We will capture your day as it unfolds in the most beautiful and creative way possible. We are hands on though during the family portraits, the bridal party portraits, and your couple portraits. Very similar to an engagement session we walk you through all of it without you having to worry or wonder what’s next.

The timing of your day...On average we start about 1.5-2 hours before the ceremony with getting ready. If you are having a first look we like to push that to 2.5-3 hours before the ceremony. Usually we stay until the end of your night, or close to it, depending on the package and hours booked. Our wedding packages range from 7-10 hours, but you can have us as long as you want.

A big question always asked is how long do we need for family, bridal party, and couple’s portraits. In a perfect world I would suggest 30 minutes for each or 1.5 hours total.

After your wedding-

We have a quick turn around time. Usually in the days after your wedding we will post teasers Facebook and Instagram (so make sure you like, follow and friend us). And in about 3 weeks your whole set of images will be edited and delivered to you via the online gallery. From there you will receive an email inviting you to the images along with your password to download your high res image files. Video highlight films are finished in about 4-5 weeks.

From there if you have already, or decide to purchase any albums, we will ask you to favorite the images you want included in your gallery and then we will get to work designing it. Once it is designed you will see a preview of it online and be able to comment on any changes that need to be made. Once the design is approved albums take 3-4 weeks to be hand made by our album company and delivered to you.

After that, since you loved everything so much you can rave about it, write reviews online and refer your friends to us so we can see you again at their wedding!!

Thanks for taking the time to read all this. I absolutely love what I do and awesome couples like you is the reason!


Weddings - Photo

With hundreds of weddings under our belt, you won't find any team with a better understanding of what goes into them and how to ring out the absolute best from them.

Starting at $3800

Weddings - Photo + Video

We do video a bit different from what you might be used to. We shoot your video highlight film right alongside with photo. No extra video team, no tripods scattered all through your guests' view, no 'can you do that again' nonsense. Your final film will be very bride and groom centric, 3-4 minutes long, and set to music.

Starting at $6800

Engagement Sessions

What a great way to start your wedding adventure. We make these sessions super easy and fun.

Starting at $700

Family Sessions

Gather your family and let's go to the beach! We will make incredible photos that will be passed down for generations!

Starting at $700

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